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The Table Group总裁帕特里克•伦乔尼(Patrick Lencioni)著有10本商业书籍,其中包括《团队的五大功能障碍》(The Five dysfunctional of a Team)。



Patrick Lencioni:安静沉思的好时间

想要在所有中断和不确定性中恢复自己?尝试沉默,没有分心,思考 - 什么都不做。独自的。






为避免裁员,首席执行官应使公司的员工选择临时薪酬减少 - 而且比您想象的更多将志愿者。

Patrick Lencioni:危险时间的3个领导者的想法





每个负责任的首席执行官都会寻找有助于识别他或她的业务的潜在问题的指标。最喜欢数据驱动的指标,因为它们提供了即将到来的趋势或潜在问题的客观证据。库存中的尖峰是即将销售下降的可靠指标。净推动者的一滴发出客户忠诚度问题。随着这些指标的可靠,当他们出现在首席执行官的仪表板中时,问题可能太远了。最好的指标是那些提供最早的警告的指标。例如,金融经济衰退的最佳早期预测因子之一是员工士气。我与行业领先的财务结果和员工满意度闻名的一家公司。在半年度员工调查中,他们注意到在调查的特定领域略微倾向。员工的信心从“非常高”到“不相当高度”的胜利 - 竞争对手“,这将留下大多数高管休息容易甚至继续夸张的 result. The executives at this company mildly freaked out. They looked under the covers and discovered some serious and looming trends that were about to impact customers. They are now taking steps to address them, hoping that the problems haven’t already taken root in the culture. Had they dismissed the barely pink flags in the employee survey, those problems would be growing still. This all begs the question, what is the best leading indicator for a CEO who wants to identify problems as early as possible? The answer is as esoteric as it is hard to measure: joy. When employees begin to lose their sense of joy in the work they do, trouble is coming even if that trouble seems far off on the horizon. But what exactly is joy? Joy is the root word of enjoyment, which is a little more tangible and observable than joy itself. When people enjoy their work, not the idea of that work but the day-to-day experience of doing it, the likelihood of success is exponentially higher. It is no surprise that the airline and the fast-food chain with the most enthusiastic and joyful employees have the best financial performance in their industries. Those employees aren’t joyful because their company is making more money; their companies make more money because their employees are joyful. As it turns out, most customers want to work with people who are glad to be doing their jobs. So it is reasonable to assume that a decrease in enjoyment would signal a coming decline in performance. So, how can a CEO assess the joy within an organization? I wish there was a reliable metric, but there’s not. Yes, there are employee surveys. But by the time data comes in, the problem may be so far along that it requires invasive surgery rather than preventive care. What CEOs can do is observe and interact with good people at all levels of the organization, looking for early signs of frustration or resignation. One CEO I recently met runs an international, well-respected medical complex. He likes to go to his hospitals, often in the middle of the night during swing shifts, to interact with employees who won’t recognize him, to see their day-to-day experiences. At my firm, The Table Group, I try to sit back and observe my colleagues to see if they are smiling and laughing while doing the most ordinary parts of their jobs, or whether they seem to be dreading them. It’s not scientific, I know, but neither is it disconnected from reality. The best CEOs trust that they can do this. They’ve seen the early signs of morale problems in the past and regretted not acting on their hunches that something was wrong. It’s not that they will stop doing employee surveys and other data-driven indicators to rely completely on intuition. That would be ridiculous—but they understand that the job of a CEO is to tap into his or her intuition and experience to identify problems before any meter on their dashboard turns red. And the best CEOs will actually find joy in doing that.


帕特里克•伦乔尼(Patrick Lencioni)说,只有一个地方可以有效地评估一位CEO:在会议室里与他或她的高管团队开会。


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